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Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Services in Toronto

If you’re looking to hire a wheelchair taxi or accessible transportation service for you or someone eles, it’s important to take the time to find a reliable and professional accessible transportation company — A company with trained  dispatch staff and caring drivers for the job and whom also have the right temperament to be patient and understanding of special needs transportation. To help you choose the perfect company, please look for a company with these common qualities found in best wheelchair accessible transportation company.


An Accessible transportation company that can easily adapt to new challenges and provide safe and reliable service on time is one you want on your side. Having a focused Driver who can transport the passenger with safety and comfort can help make the entire journey much easier and comfortable.


It is very important that you or your loved one is well taken care during the entire journey, but it’s also important to have a driver who fully understands the route and safety challenges along the way. You want someone who genuinely cares, but who also understands how and when to set limits.


An important quality of a great wheelchair taxi company is the ability to provide comfortable, safe and compassionate service to the passengers in wheelchair and anyone  with special needs. The best drivers are those who can connect with their passengers on a professional level and show them the respect and care that they deserve.

Honest and Trustworthy

You need to be able to trust a company to provide the best transportation possible while feeling comfortable about the safety of your trip. A company who has honest and courteous drivers along with a reputation for being honest and trustworthy should be at the top of your list of qualifications.

Communication Skills

Finding an effective communicator is highly important. Good communication skills ensure that your questions are answered, and your needs are understood. An exceptional driver will also be able to effectively communicate with his/her supervisor, dispatchers, and other members of the transportation system.

Professionally Trained Staff and Drivers

You would not hire an amateur to conduct a surgery, so why would you hire one for home care? Of course, you’ll want someone who has all the trained skills and qualities to thrive in this role. Hiring a graduate of a Personal Support Worker Course or Degree will ensure you’re receiving qualified care.

When you’re ready to hire a wheelchair accessible taxi company that offers all these qualities, contact us at GTA Accessible Transportation Services. We offer wheelchair accessible transportation that gives you or your client the comfort and piece of mind — anytime, anywhere in GTA. Our Drivers and Dispatchers are highly trained to understand your transportation challenges and provide friendly, compassionate and high-quality dependable service. Contact GTA Accessible Transportation today to set up an account, book a trip or request for a quotation. Please check our FAQ page for any questions

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