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GTA Accessible Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is GTA Accessible Transportation?

A: GTA Accessible Transportation is a specialized transportation service designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities or mobility impairments in the Greater Toronto Area.

Q: Who is eligible for GTA Accessible Transportation?

A: Individuals with mobility impairments, visual or hearing impairments, or other disabilities that limit their ability to use conventional public transit services are eligible.

Q: How do I schedule a ride with GTA Accessible Transportation?

A: Scheduling a ride with GTA Accessible Transportation typically involves contacting the service provider by phone or online and providing information about your pickup and drop-off locations and desired date and time. Remember To Book your Trips At Least few days in Advance. 

Q: What types of vehicles are used for GTA Accessible Transportation?

A: GTA Accessible Transportation providers typically use specialized vehicles such as wheelchair accessible vans (Caravan or Toyota Seinna) or Full Size Accessible Van (Rear Loading)  that are equipped with features such as wheelchair ramps or lifts

Q: Can I bring a companion or service animal on GTA Accessible Transportation?

A: Yes, All GTA Accessible Transportation providers allow passengers to bring a companion or service animal at no additional cost.

What Type of service you provide?

We Provide Wheelchair accessible transportation service to passengers in wheelchairs and  accompanying passengers.

Do you provide transportation for dialysis?

We Provide HIN transportation for dialysis patients whom are using wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

How many extra passengers (companions) can travel with wheelchair passenger in your vehicle ?

There are always extra seats available for at least 2 accompanying passengers. There is No extra cost for accompaning passenegrs.


Do you provide transportation to MVA clients?

Yes, We work with all insurance companies to provide accessible transportation for MVA clients. A monthly billing account can be setup upon request by an authorize person. 


How far in advance do I need to schedule a ride with GTA Accessible Transportation?

The amount of advance notice required to schedule a ride with GTA Accessible Transportation is one or two days, but it is typically recommended to schedule your ride as far in advance as possible to ensure availability.

Early booking is also avaiable, trips can be booked 30 to 40 days in advance. 

 We do offer same day on demand service for those with special need. Same day service can be provided if availability permits.


How to book a wheelchair van for medical transfer?

There are several ways to make your booking:

By calling us at 416 834 5559 (Toronto and GTA)

Calling from out of town 1 800 936 3040 (Toll Free)

By Fax at 1 866 204 3312

By Email at info@gtaaccessible.com

By Online Reservation for Accessible Transportation in Toronto and GTA (gtaaccessible.com)

What information is required to book a wheelchair accessible taxi?

Passenger information
– Name and phone number
– Address where the passenger will be picked up
– Mobility Aid and Companion  Passenger information

Pick up and Destination information
– Contact and phone number
– Appointment time
– Address, including building number/suite number, etc.
– Add buzzer code number if appropriate
Emergency Contact Name and phone number



How to book return trips for medical appointments?

For most medical appointments return trip is UNKNOWN

Customers are requested to call at 416-834-5559 after their appointment is finished.

This is called a “Will Call” Service 

WILL CALL means your will call us when appointment is finished and we will send you a wheelchair accessible vehicle  for your return trip within 20 to 30 minutes (Approximately)

Why is it important to know the wheelchair size when booking a ride?

This helps to ensure the appropriate vehicle is dispatched to accommodate the passenger in a wheelchair for a safe and comfortable ride.

Many Passengers are using wheelchairs which are larger than an average sized wheelchair. At GTA Accessible Transportation we offer full size accessible vehicles for large size chairs or multiple wheelchairs. Any wheelchair which is wider than 20 inches (Wheel to wheel is considered a LARGE Size wheelchair).


Do you offer door-to-door wheelchair transfer service?

Yes. We offer full door-to-door service to meet all of your needs.

click here to learn about our services 

Who can request for request for accessible transportation service?

Our services are dedicated for passengers who are using wheelchairs, walkers and any other mobility devices. Accompanying passengers such as family member, caregivers and PSW are welcome. There are always extra seats available for them at NO extra charge.


what payment methods are accepted?


Credit Card and

Pre-Paid (pay for someone else)

(Only Visa or Master Card Please American Express NOT ACCEPTED )

Can i pay for someone's trips?


A Prepaid payment method is available if you are paying for someone else.  We offer prepaid method for lots of clients. Pre-paid payments can be made with credit cards. You need to let us know at the time of booking, we will collect all the necessary information.


Does GTA Accessible offers corporate and personal accounts?

Indeed we do! If you would like to speak with us directly about setting up your account, please call our office at 416 834 5559  

We Offer 

  1. Insurance Account
  2. Corporate Account 
  3. Government Account
  4. Personal Account 

Click here to create an Account.


GTA Accessible Transportation offers Flat rates service. Our rates are based on distance , Please contact out dispatch desk to get prices or 



What are your hours of operation?

Dispatch Desk (Phone Lines) are open from 7.00 AM till 8.00 PM every day. 

Accessible Transportation is provided from 6.00 AM till 10.00PM

If you need service before and after these hours please contact our Dispatch Desk at 416 834 5559 . 

Is your service operates 24 Hours?

No, We do not have 24 hours service.

Do you offer transportation for stretchers?

Currently, we do not offer Transportation for stretchers. However, this service may be added in the future. 

Does your company transport clients to social outings?

Yes. Please, book the bus for your group as a charter, which is a dedicated service for the lower price. Call us to find out about the discounts.

Do you provide wheelchair Transportation to attend a Funeral Service?

Yes, We provide wheelchair tansfers to funeral services, Please talk to customer service about diffrent options. 

Do you provide wheelchairs in your vehicles?


We do not provide wheelchair for passengers.

Do you go provide out of town trips?

Yes, We can provide transportation service for out of town trips. Please book these trips few days in advance if possible.

Do you offer group outings?

Yes, We can transport groups for outings and moving. Please contact our dispatch for further details or send us an inquiry at