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Many citizens in greater Toronto area and neighboring cities are new to wheelchair accessible taxi transportation services.

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you better understand how our services work.

If you do not find the question related to your situation, kindly call us or send us an email at info@gtaaccessible.com

How to Book a wheelchair accessible Transportation service in Toronto & GTA?

When booking a wheelchair accessible vehicle service for someone in a wheelchair or with mobility challenges here are few several ways to make your booking:

By calling us at 416 834 5559 (Toronto and GTA)

Calling from out of town 1 800 936 3040 (Toll Free)

By Fax at 1 866 204 3312

By Email at info@gtaaccessible.com

By Online Reservation for Accessible Transportation in Toronto and GTA (gtaaccessible.com)

When is the best time to book trips for someone in a wheelchair?

We highly recommend that all trips must be book at least one day or Two days in advance. However, we do offer same day on demand service for those with special need. Same day service can be provided if availability permits.

Request a Quote or Book Online 

Why is it important to know the wheelchair size?

This helps to ensure the appropriate vehicle is dispatched to accommodate the passenger in a wheelchair for a safe and comfortable ride.

Many Passengers are using wheelchairs which are larger than an average sized wheelchair. At GTA Accessible Transportation we offer full size accessible vehicles for large size chairs or multiple wheelchairs. Any wheelchair which is wider than 20 inches (Wheel to wheel is considered a LARGE Size wheelchair).

wheelchair accessible taxi transportation

Can I travel in the accessible van with a passenger (In Wheelchair) ?

YES! There are always extra seats available for accompanying passenger. Most accessible vans can take 1 passenger in a wheelchair and up to 2 or 3 additional walk on passengers at No extra cost.

Return Trip Option (when you are ready to go back)

After you finish with your appointment simply call us at 416 834 5559 and let us know that you are ready for your return trip. We will send you a vehicle back for your return trip, estimated arrival time for your return trip vehicle is 20 to 30 minutes.

How Can i Pay For My Trips?

Payment methods are


Credit Card and

Pre-Paid (pay for someone else)

(Only Visa or Master Card Please American Express NOT ACCEPTED )

Can i pay for someone's trips?


A Prepaid payment methord is avaiable if you are paying for somone else.  We offer prepaid method for lots of clients. Pre-paid payments can be made with credit cards. You need to let us know at the time of booking, we will collect all the necessary information.