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Accessible Transportation Vehicles 


Selecting a Vehicle for Accessible Transportation

When looking for an accessible transportation service it is very importation to select the right vehicle for passenger in a wheelchair. Many passengers are using wheelchair which are larger than an average size wheelchair therefore, a right size accessible vehicle needs to be chosen. We offer a variety of Full sized van and mini accessible vans to our clients. If your wheelchair is wider than 30 inches wide (wheel to wheel) than, it’s highly recommended that you need to book our full sized accessible vehicle. 

Accessible Fleet

The fleet of GTA Accessible Transportation is at your service 24 hours a day. 7 Days a week! With our exceptional focus on transfers of both groups and individuals. Our wheelchair accessible transportation service will accommodate wheelchairs and scooters of any size. We Provide vehicles which are professionally maintained to ensure the proper care and safety needs are met for each citizen.

Our vehicles range from low floor wheelchair accessible mini vans with ramps, to full size lift equipped vans capable of transporting up to multiple wheelchairs along with escorts, Care givers and Family members. The person on a wheelchair or scooter does not have to transfer to another seat.

The driver will ensure that the passenger, while remaining in the wheelchair or scooter, will be able to exit the vehicle by using either a ramp or a power lift in safety and comfort. Once inside the vehicle the driver will secure the wheelchair using the Q’straint restraining system. The Q’straint was developed in Ontario at Queens University, and is recognized worldwide for its tremendous quality. Our wheelchair accessible van service is available throughout Greater Toronto Area and neighboring cities.

Choice Of Accessible Vehicle For Your Trip

You can chose a vehicle of your choice, We offer Full Size vehicles for Larger Size Wheelchairs or Multiple Wheelchairs. A Selection of Minivans are available for those who are in small to medium size wheelchairs.

Mini Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair Accessible mini vans are available for 1 wheelchair and up to 4 walk on passengers. 

Full Size Accessible Vehicles

Our full size wheelchair accessible vehicles (Side Loaders) are designed to accommodate large sized wheelchairs or multiple wheelchairs. There is always extra seats available for companions 

Rear Loading Full size Vans

Our full size rear loading accessible vans can accommodate multiple wheelchairs, Large size wheelchairs and  small groups.  

Black Accessible Mini Vans

GTA Accessible offers Black wheelchair accessible vehicles for special occasions. 

Start a Reservation

Reservations can be made by calling us. Our Phone lines are open between 7.00 AM to 10.00 PM Every Day.

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