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Transportation is a vital link to essential daily functions hence is a basic need. Access to safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable transportation allows citizens with special needs to be mobile with professional assistance. Our services can entail consistent and/or sporadic trips to medical appointments, work, school, day events, special excursions and tours, as well as visiting family and friends within Ontario and the U.S. At GTA Accessible Transportation quality of life is enhanced for a large population of citizens who deserve equal rights.

Unfortunately though, the public transportation system is not equipped to meet the unique needs of all citizens at their convenience. Therefore, Our services can increase the livelihood of citizens with special needs by delivering equitable, professional, accessible and convenient door to door services. We can easily and quickly accommodate same day, priority service in well maintained and appropriately equipped vehicles.

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Wheelchair Taxi Services
Wheelchair Accessible Taxi in Toronto
We Provide Accessible Transportation in Following Areas

Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Richmond Hill




York Region

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation For :

Medical Transportation (Non Emergency)

At GTA Accessible Transportation use of a patent transfer service can greatly improve the travel experience for passengers in wheelchairs, making it easier for them to travel independently and with greater dignity. 

Dialysis Transportation

As dialysis treatments are often time-sensitive and require consistent transportation, GTA Accessible Transportation proudly offers Room to Room/ Hand To Hand Assisted Service for dialysis patients. Click Here to Learn More

Family Visits

We have many clients using our accessible transportation services for visits to family, friends and to their favorite destinations across the greater Toronto Area

Out of Town Trips

Out of town trips are offered to passenger in wheelchairs along with family members or caregivers. Comfortable wheelchair taxi service in large and mini accessible vehicles in Toronto and surrounding cities. Contact us to get a Quote Today!

ODSP Clients

Citizens on short and long term disability using ODSP are welcome to use our accessible transportation and wheelchair taxi services. We work with Ontario Disability Support Program to offer Transportation Services for persons in wheelchairs and those with any mobility challenges.  An approval fax can be sent at 1 866 204 3312 or info@gtaaccessible.com

Providing Accessible Taxi Services To :

Long term Care Facilities

We provide wheelchair accessible taxi / transportation to all long term care facilities in south Ontario.

Nursing Homes

Accessible transportation service to and from nursing homes. weather its a medical or non medical appointment GTA Accessible transportation can accommodate passengers using wheelchairs or any other mobility device.

Retirement Homes

Mobility transportation service is available to all retirement homes across GTA.


If you have a medical appointment at any hospital within the GTA or outside Toronto, GTA Accessible Transportation can provide accessible transportation for such trips.


We have a vast experience for Special needs student’s transportation services. Every student with special needs gets assisted by our professionally trained drivers.

Insurance Companies

We accept MVA clients referred through insurance companies. A monthly billing account can be set up for accessibility travel needs for clients.

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Reservations can be made by calling us. Our Phone lines are open between 7.00 AM to 8.00 PM Every Day.

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Accessible Taxi Toronto
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Wheelchair Taxi in Toronto
Wheelchair Taxi Toronto
Accessible Vehicle Options
GTA Accessible Transportation can offer you a range of wheelchair taxis to accommodate one to four wheelchairs. It is a requirement to provide us the wheelchair size to ensure the appropriate vehicle is sent to accommodate your transfer.
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Our Mission
  • Quality of Service” is our top priority.
  • To provide excellence in quality and service and to be sensitive to the needs of our customers.
  • To always treat our passengers with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • To always put our customers first.
  • To honor and maintain our clients’ privacy and confidentiality in all aspects.
  • To work in partnership with our clients to continually find innovative and creative ways to improve the traveling experience of our special needs passengers.
  • To pride ourselves at being the best at service excellence by always embracing leading practices.
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COVID – 19  We Care about your Health

GTA Accessible Transportation understands the importance of safety protocols during the transport of our passengers. We ensure that all our drivers and staff wear masks and practice regular sanitization throughout their hours of service. All of our vehicles are fully sanitized on a regular basis to protect our passengers.